Dandiya Queen Falguni Pathak rocks Los Angeles

By Rajendra Vora 
Los Angeles: It was a Saturday evening and Angelenos were gathered at Ontario Convention Center to welcome their favorite Dandiya Queen, singer Falguni Pathak. Around 2000+ Garba & Dandiya enthusiasts were dressed in colorful Indian outfits with typical ornaments that made anyone wonder if they were in India.

Evening started with kids performing the American Pledge of Legend followed by melodious singing of the Indian National Anthem by local singer & organizer Ami Patel. Dolly Oza was emcee for the evening.

It was a loud and thunderous welcome that the Dandiya Queen received when she came on stage. 

Lovely sound systems, talented orchestra with male singer Tushar and supporting female singers added to the event. It was Falguni Pathak who started with Garba first by singing her hit songs for non-stop two hours. After a short break before the start of Dandiya Raas, leading Indian American Rajendra Vora – Founder & President of Jain Social Group Beverly Hills honored Pathak with the State of California Assembly proclamation. Honoree Falguni was speechless & joyful and thanked for the honor. 

“How can we forget our LA local singer Ami Patel,” said Vora and Pathak joined him in honoring Patel with a shawl around her shoulders. 

Dandiya enthusiasts gyrating to Pathak’s non-stop renditions

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