Delhi mall showcases replica of Ayodhya’s Ram temple

In an attempt to spread joy and happiness during the festive season, the Pacific Mall in Delhi’s Tagore Garden area on Saturday put up a replica of the Ayodhya’s Ram Temple ahead of Diwali.

According to Lalit Rathod, the manager of the mall, the replica took about 40 to 45 days to make and about 80 experts were employed for the same.

“We try to decorate the mall in an elaborate manner every year. After discussions with the management and vendors, we decided to do something unique and different this year to spread festivities and cheer up our customers,” Rathod told ANI.

Customers of the mall also expressed joy and elation at the sight of the replica and many said that seeing the mandir was like a dream.

“I am amazed to see this. Seeing this replica of Ram Temple is like a dream. We have been fighting for this for 500 years. It was always our hope to see and pray at the Ram temple. I feel like I am looking at Lord Ram,” said Murli Dharm, a visitor of the mall.

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