Democrat Taral Patel says got “racially” targeted online

Houston: A 29-year-old Indian-American policy expert, who is running for Fort Bend County Commissioner in the US state of Texas, has said that he has received racist and hate-filled messages on social media.

Democrat Taral Patel in a press release earlier this week shared a photo of some of the messages he received online. 

Social media users wrote that he is a foreigner and is trying to take away people’s freedom and guns. They questioned if he was “even” born in America. Other people said they support Andy Meyers, the current commissioner, because he is Christian while Taral Patel and his followers worship animals. 

“As your Democratic candidate for County Commissioner, I am always open to criticism of my policy positions and stances on issues. However, when my Republican opponent’s supporters decide to hurl racist, anti-immigrant, Hinduphobic, or otherwise disgusting insults at my family, faith, community, colleagues, and me – that crosses a line,” Taral Patel said. 

“Fort Bend County’s diversity has made us all stronger, and these hateful images, a small sample attached here, are from a place of deep and misguided fear – incited by people like former President Donald Trump and today’s extremist Republican party fear that immigrants are ‘taking their jobs’ and setting out to hurt our own communities,” Taral Patel said. 

Taral Patel, previously the chief of staff for Fort Bend County, grew up in the county and went to local schools. He said he is a proud American. 

Taral Patel also said his campaign is focused on hard work and respect for all communities. 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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