Democratic mayors renew pleas for federal help over migrant crisis

New York: The mayors of Chicago, New York City and Denver renewed pleas Wednesday for more federal help and coordination with Texas over the growing number of asylum-seekers arriving in their cities by bus and plane.

The mayors’ requests come as U.S. cities have struggled to manage the increasing number of migrants sent from Texas and other states. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s busing operation has transported more than 80,000 migrants to Democratic-led cities since last year. His administration recently stepped up the practice with chartered planes.

The mayors sharply criticized Abbott and the effort, saying buses arrive at all hours and outside designated drop-off zones with no details on who is aboard.

“We cannot allow buses with people needing our help to arrive without warning at any hour of day and night,” New York City Mayor Eric Adams said at a virtual news conference with the other mayors. “This not only prevents us from providing assistance in an orderly way, it puts those who have already suffered so much in danger.”

Adams said New York City would put similar rules in place as Chicago and announced an executive order Wednesday requesting buses arrive only between 8:30 a.m. and noon on weekdays at a single drop-off site, or face fines, lawsuits or buses being impounded. Denver has similar rules on weekday drop-offs during specified hours.

In New York, more than 161,000 migrants have arrived and sought city aid since spring 2022, including 4,000 just last week, Adams and other officials said earlier in the week.

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