Dhanush is much more ‘badass’ than Batman: Regé-Jean Page

Dhanush, who made his Hollywood film debut with ‘The Gray Man’, has left his co-stars impressed with his craft. After Ryan Gosling, Regé-Jean Page and Jessica Henwick could not stop praising Dhanush in an interview.

Regé compared the actor to Batman and said even the superhero has a long way to go before he can become as ‘bad***’ as Dhanush. The Tamil actor stars as Avik San, a powerful assassin, in the upcoming action-thriller directed by The Russo Brothers. Regé stars as CIA director Denny Carmichael, while Jessica plays Suzanne Brewer, a clever and merciless CIA agent.

“He is incredible. He is such a great actor. He has such an amazing presence on screen. He is so precise. He never made a mistake…And he is just so funny and charming. The biggest difficulty was pretending like we were enemies or something because I just liked him so much.”

– Co-actor Ryan Gosling on Dhanush in ‘The Gray Man’

The two fondly talked about Dhanush in a recent interview with Collider. As they were asked to share one thing in the film that they are excited for the audience to see, they named 13-year-old Julia Butters, who plays Claire Fitzroy. Regé then said, “Also, close second – Dhanush, while Jessica added, “Dhanush was amazing”.

Regé said about Dhanush, “The grace and style and bad***ery of that man, is something to behold and that’s going to be a thunderbolt in the film”. Jessica added, “He has a quiet power and I want that”. Regé further compared Batman and Dhanush, saying, “If Batman was twice as bad***, then he might get halfway to where Dhanush is in this film”.

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