Discover Long Island launches “LongIslandle” – spin off of Wordle

Is it Shell?  Shore? Slice? Discover Long Island, the region’s official and only destination marketing organization (DMO) has announced the launch of “LongIslandle” making the tourism organization the first DMO in the nation to jump on the word guessing game trend.  The customized, free-to-play game will be hosted on and will be updated with a new Long Island-themed five-letter word every weekday, starting Feb 18. To maximize engagement, players will be encouraged to submit relevant words on the website or by direct messaging @DiscoverLongIsland on Instagram.  The organization will give prizes to those who submit chosen terms. 

The web-based puzzle requires players to guess a five-letter word in six tries or less.   The color of the tiles will change after each guess to show how close the player’s guess was to the word.  

“Our team keeps a keen eye on the latest trends to keep Long Island top of mind for local, national and global visitors and “LongIslandle” is the latest example of that out-of-the-box thinking,” said Kristen Jarnagin Reynolds, President and CEO of Discover Long Island.  

“LongIslandle”, is a unique spinoff of Wordle, and the first destination-themed rendition of the now viral game.  First launched to the public in October 2021, the original Wordle has become an internet craze, with social media feeds flooded with users’ scores and the number of players skyrocketing from only 90 on November 1, 2021, to 2 million by mid-January 2022. 

With the code available for custom use through Open Source, creative iterations of the game have been popping up across the web weekly, most notably Taylor Swift’s “Taylordle,” ensuring the game’s audience continues to grow. 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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