Disneyland shares its recipe of homemade Dole Whip

As the coronavirus, the lockdown has taken place all over the world and your favorite places are shut and that includes Disneyland too. There are few Disney treats which are quite popular as the mainland of your Disney characters and that includes your beloved Dole Whip, and now Disneyland has given a little surprise by sharing its recipe of homemade Dole Whip that you can try at your own home.

The Disney Park has shared the recipe for its delicious soft served snack on the Disneyland App, and the great news about it all is that it requires only 3 ingredients for this amazing Dole Whip.

For this amazing delicacy, all you need is vanilla ice cream, frozen pineapple chunks, and pineapple juice.

To start with the whip, combine one big scoop of vanilla ice cream with four big spoon of pineapple juice and two cups of frozen pineapple chunks and then blend it all together.

Blend the mixture until it’s “smooth,” then put it in a “star-tipped piping bag” to make that iconic Dole Whip swirl.

If you don’t have a piping bag and don’t want to make a trip to the store, don’t worry! Parchment paper can be used as an alternative, as can plastic sandwich bags.

The cult-favorite snack was introduced at Disneyland’s Adventureland area, where it can still be found today — along with Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida.

Image courtesy of thesatimes | Welcome to The South Asian Times

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