District 23 City Council candidate Harpreet Singh Toor calls for end to attack ads

Bellerose, Queens: Calling for an end to the hateful attack ads by a group from outside Council District 23 against one of his opponents, City Council Candidate Harpreet Singh Toor issued the following statement, “My campaign is built on bringing people together.  That is the only way we will solve the problems facing District 23, and put an end to the epidemic of hate crimes plaguing our communities.
So when an ugly piece of hateful mail dropped in my mailbox, viciously attacking a young member of our community who also is running for City Council in District 23, I naturally was extremely disturbed.  Many of you may know I do not support this candidate, or agree with her policies.  At the same time, however, I am proud that a young woman from our community has made the decision to become engaged in the political process and run for office.  And I am appalled that a group of wealthy Manhattanites, with no connection to our community, is attempting to decide our future by launching a smear campaign against one of our own.

I invite these smart, successful people to join me in a tour of District 23.  I would happily show them how they can direct their considerable philanthropic activities to our senior centers, our food banks, our schools and libraries.  How they might use their experience as major real estate developers to solve our problem of lack of public transportation, or even help build the hospital we so desperately need.

Working together we can accomplish much. And I hope that is how they decide to truly help the voters of District 23.”

Image courtesy of (Image courtesy: toorforcitycouncil.com)

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