Diwali 2020: Make it a mood and immunity booster festival

Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over and evil. In hindsight, it seems as though this year has been nothing short of a year of triumphs, a year where we didn’t allow the consequences of the pandemic to crush our spirits. It has been a year that helped us discover our strengths. As we celebrate this joyous festival this year, it is important to undertake precaution due to the spread of the pandemic however let it not dampen the festival spirit.  

Go digital, meet virtually 

The spirit of any festival is felt the most when we come together as a family, community and country to celebrate it together. But with physical distancing having become a norm, how do we celebrate and protect ourselves at the same time? Since people have not been able to visit their loved ones with as much ease as before, video calling to connect with loved ones who are far away is becoming the norm. And Diwali celebrations will be no different in this sense as we will see more and more people use technology this year to celebrate the festivities with loved ones.

Safety kits for Diwali gifts 

Diwali is synonymous with gifts and this year we will see a fresh addition of items to the gifting catalogue that will help make the lives of our loved ones easier and safer in the new normal. Apart from the usual Diwali, you can make it a safer Diwali for your family by gifting items such as face masks, air purifiers, immunity boosting foods, sanitizing items.

Immunity boosters for sweets and savories

Since the onset of the pandemic people have been looking at ways to improve their immunity. From going by age old immunity boosting foods to looking at modern over the counter supplements, there has definitely been a surge in foods that will make us resistant to catching the virus. Not only that, you can try gifting/consuming mithai which is enhanced with immunity boosting ingredients such as dry fruits, herbs etc. to improve one’s immunity instead of the traditional mithai.

House Cleaning

It has been a year of cleaning since the spread of the virus. Since touching surfaces increases the chances of contracting the virus, constantly sanitizing surfaces has naturally become a norm. So with the precautions that need to be taken with the pandemic this year, we will have to up our cleaning game to ensure that the house remains safe from viruses.  

Consider DIY decorations

Planning a festive celebration with restrictions and fear of going out to shop for the required stuff is challenging. To ensure personal safety, people avoid going to markets and find it difficult to buy decoration material. Also, travelling to find the required stuff from one shop to the other is time-consuming. However, this should not impact the mood of your celebrations. 

Instead of wasting hours on finding the right stuff or toggling multiple online shopping windows, go for DIY decoration kits. They are custom made and easily available with home delivery options. These kits make your party planning free from hassle and make your space look visually ready for the party. 


Diwali is also a time when we thank Goddess Lakshmi for all the blessings and ask her to continue showering the same on us. The pandemic has by force made us realize the value of those things that we might have taken for granted. Having a positive attitude might not help us directly with battling the pandemic but will spread happiness and improve our mental wellbeing.

That being said, Diwali will certainly be a mood booster and we all look forward to it.

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