Diwali 2023: Gold and the festive glitter

Gold holds significant cultural and economic importance during Diwali, the Festival of Lights, celebrated by Hindus and other communities across India and around the world.

Here’s how gold is connected to Diwali:

Traditional Gifting: During Diwali, it is customary to exchange gifts as a sign of goodwill and blessings. Gold jewelry, coins, and other precious metal items are popular choices for gifting. People often buy or receive gold as a symbol of good fortune and wealth.

Wealth and Prosperity: Diwali is a time for families to pray for prosperity and wealth. Gold, as a valuable and enduring asset, symbolizes financial stability and is considered an auspicious purchase during this time.

Gold Jewelry: Many people buy or gift gold jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings, during Diwali. It is not only worn for its beauty but also as a form of investment.

Lakshmi Puja: Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu deity of wealth and prosperity, is worshipped during Diwali. It is believed that she enters homes to bless them with wealth and happiness. Gold and other valuable items are offered to the deity as part of the worship.

Dhanteras: Dhanteras is a day that marks the beginning of the Diwali festival. It is considered an auspicious day to buy gold, silver, and other precious metals. Many people make purchases of gold coins or jewelry on this day.

Gold Investments: Some people choose to invest in gold during Diwali, seeing it as a way to protect their wealth. They may buy gold coins or bars for investment purposes.

Decorations: Gold and gold-colored decorations, including ornaments and candles, are often used to decorate homes and temples during Diwali, adding to the festive and opulent atmosphere.

Gold plays a vital role in the Diwali festival, symbolizing prosperity, good fortune, and wealth. It is not only a popular gift but also a part of the rituals and traditions associated with this festive time.

Gold buying on Diwali is auspicious 

Gold buying is a longstanding and significant tradition during Diwali, the festival of lights, in India. Diwali is one of the most important festivals in India, celebrated by Hindus and other communities.

The tradition of buying gold during Diwali is rooted in several cultural and historical factors:

Auspiciousness: Gold is considered one of the most auspicious and precious metals in Indian culture. It is associated with wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Buying gold during Diwali is believed to bring luck and financial well-being for the coming year.

Goddess Lakshmi: During Diwali, the Hindu goddess of wealth, Lakshmi, is worshipped. It is believed that bringing gold into the home during this time pleases the goddess and invites her blessings.

Gifting: Diwali is a time when families and friends exchange gifts, and gold is a popular gift choice. Gifting gold jewelry or coins is a symbol of love and care, and it is often given to celebrate the occasion.

Investment: Many people view gold as a stable and reliable investment. Buying gold during Diwali is seen as a way to secure one’s financial future, as gold tends to appreciate in value over time.

Wedding Season: Diwali marks the beginning of the wedding season in India. Gold is an essential part of Indian weddings, and many families start buying gold jewelry during Diwali in preparation for upcoming weddings and other special occasions.

Cultural Significance: Gold jewelry, such as necklaces, bangles, and earrings, is deeply ingrained in Indian culture. Wearing gold is considered a status symbol and a source of pride for many families.

People buy gold coins, bars, and jewelry, and the demand for gold surges during this festive season. In addition to being a symbol of wealth and prosperity, the tradition of buying gold during Diwali also plays a significant role in the overall economic landscape of India, as it contributes to the country’s gold industry.

Jewelry Trends this Diwali 

Diwali is a significant festival in India, and it’s a time when people love to dress up and adorn themselves with beautiful jewelry. Jewelry trends for Diwali may change from year to year, but there are some timeless styles that are often favored.

Here are some contemporary Diwali jewelry trends in India:

Gold and Diamonds: Gold jewelry, often paired with diamonds, remains a timeless choice for Diwali. Traditional designs like necklaces, bangles, and earrings are popular, but modern and minimalist designs are also in vogue.

Polki and Kundan: Polki and Kundan jewelry are traditional Indian styles that have made a strong comeback in recent years. These uncut and semi-precious stone jewelry pieces are highly sought after for their classic and regal appeal.

Gemstone Jewelry: Diwali is a great time to incorporate vibrant gemstones into your jewelry collection. Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other colorful stones are used in contemporary designs, making the jewelry stand out and add a pop of color.

Temple Jewelry: Temple jewelry draws inspiration from the intricate designs seen in South Indian temples. These pieces are known for their detailed craftsmanship and are often characterized by deities, motifs, and classic patterns.

Statement Earrings: Statement earrings, particularly chandbalis and jhumkas, are trending. They can instantly elevate your outfit and make you look festive-ready. They are available in various styles, from traditional to contemporary.

Choker Necklaces: Chokers have gained immense popularity in recent years. They can be adorned with intricate designs, stones, or pearls, offering a modern and stylish look.

Uncut Diamond Sets: Uncut or raw diamonds are increasingly used in contemporary jewelry designs. These diamonds retain their natural shape and are often set in unique and artistic patterns, giving the jewelry a distinct appeal.

Enamel Work: Jewelry with colorful enamel work is also in trend. Enamel is used to add a touch of color and vibrancy to gold or silver jewelry, making it suitable for festive occasions.

Minimalist Jewelry: Not everyone prefers heavy and elaborate jewelry. Minimalist designs in gold, silver, or platinum have become popular for those who prefer a more understated and contemporary look.

Handcrafted and Artisanal Pieces: Many people now appreciate handcrafted and artisanal jewelry. These pieces often have a unique and personalized touch, making them stand out from mass-produced options.

Images courtesy of India TV News, ET and GJEPC

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