DIY décor ideas to make your Valentine’s Day special

There are plenty of DIY décor ideas that are simple to put and create a party-ready ambiance at home given that COVID-19 has compelled us to celebrate every special day indoors. 

From red roses and carnations to other blooms, there are easy to use elements that can turn on Valentine’s day festivity even while staying at home.

Wall decorations

Surprising the love of your life can be made easy with wall decorations. The simplest way to DIY wall décor especially for Valentine’s day can be achieved with wall decoration kits available in the market. Instead of draining your energy in collecting specific elements from the market, find a love decoration kit online that includes silver – gold shinny balloons, frills, and fairy lights.


Romantic proposal decoration
Proposing your love on the special occasion of Valentine’s day is a memorable moment for life. There are romantic proposal decoration kits available online that are easy to use in illuminating the room with love. These kits usually include love foil balloons, bunches of red, white, and silver balloons, and other elements to adorn your space. 

Bake a cake
Valentine’s day celebration is incomplete without a dessert. Begin with finding an easy yet perfect valentine’s day cake recipe on the internet. Many YouTube channels share video tutorials to bake red velvet and chocolate cakes at home that are perfect to complete a romantic evening. 

Handmade heart garlands

Garlands are amazing elements when it comes to DIY home décor for Valentine’s day. There are many options available on the internet to create a paper heart garland for décor. The simplest way is to cut red colored paper into a heart shape and punch holes on the top of each heart. Tie the punched hearts in a red or silver ribbon to hang them on the wall. 

Create a memory board
Photographs, dried old flowers, greeting cards, and other little things that are gifted and precious can be the biggest contributor to your valentine’s day décor. The best way to preserve them is to create a memory board and place it near to the valentine decoration. To make it more attractive, add heart-shaped paper decoration elements and make it specific for the valentine’s day celebration. (Source:


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