DMK rides piggy-back on MDMK to project Tamilnalism

Chennai: The Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) which has not been in power since 2011 in Tamil Nadu is fighting the April 6 assembly polls plugging loopholes as it stiches political alliances taking into consideration all socio-political, religious and regional parameters.

DMK’s alliance with Maruthalai Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (MDMK) is a well thought out strategy as the former is a political outfit which gains by fanning the Tamil nationalism. Its leader Vaiko has always been open in his sympathies towards the Tamil political movements in Sri Lanka and has supported the cause of a separate Tamil Eeelam in his writings, speeches and actions.

In the election manifesto released by the MDMK on Wednesday, the party has promised to put pressure on the incumbent government to lift the ban on LTTE in India. It has also promised to support the case against the Sri Lankan Army officers who are facing trial at the International Court of Justice(ICJ).

R.R. Muruganayakam, MDMK state office bearer, said: “Tamil issues have always been the priority for the MDMK and we have never compromised on our cause. We believe in supporting the Tamil cause in whatever manner we can and there is nothing wrong in our manifesto. People of Tamil-origin have our sympathies for their cause and the DMK led front will get that support.”

The DMK leadership knows that with MDMK in the party alliance and with that party supporting the Tamil cause, the DMK is certain that the huge sympathy votes will be in favour of it.

DMK leader and Chennai city secretary, Santhanagoplam said: “DMK is a political party which has clear views and its an ideology driven party not like political outfits which come up like mushrooms”.

With the DMK led front supporting the Tamil cause openly, other parties will have to rethink strategies.

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