Indian American leader Ajay Bhutoria appointed to DNC Convention Rules Committee 

Wednesday, 29 May, 2024
Ajay Bhutoria (Photo courtesy:

Ajay Bhutoria, a prominent Indian American community leader and steadfast Democrat from California, has been appointed to the Rules Committee of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) 2024 to be held in Chicago in August 19-23. This appointment underscores his significant role within the party and his commitment to advancing its agenda. 

As a member of the Rules Committee, Bhutoria working with other committee members will be instrumental in shaping the procedural rules, setting the agenda, and selecting officers for the convention. His deep-rooted involvement in Democratic principles and his tireless advocacy within the Asian American community make him a fitting representative for California and the party. 

The DNC Convention comprises three standing committees, each with distinct responsibilities. Alongside the Rules Committee, the Credentials Committee resolves disputes concerning delegate recognition and seating, while the Platform Committee crafts the party's proposed platform on various issues. Bhutoria's appointment reaffirms the importance of California's voice and the diversity within the Democratic Party. 

Expressing gratitude for the appointment, Bhutoria stated, "It is an honor to represent our party and the great state of California at this significant event." He emphasized his dedication to contributing to a successful and impactful convention, echoing the sentiment of unity and progress championed by the Democratic Party. His dedication to contributing to a successful and impactful convention reflects the collective commitment of Democrats nationwide. 

Bhutoria's appointment highlights the vital role of Indian American leaders within the Democratic Party and underscores their contributions to shaping its future trajectory. As preparations for the DNC 2024 Convention unfold, Bhutoria's presence on the Rules Committee promises to enrich the dialogue and strengthen the party's unity. 

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