Documentary spotlights Pakistani American doctors’ work in remote US towns

New York: Pakistani American actor/filmmaker Noor Naghmis new docudrama, Angels Within along with highlighting how Muslims are discriminated against in the country, also outlines how Pakistani American doctors are spending their lives providing healthcare in the rural parts of the U.S.

The film addresses the generalization and stereotyping of Muslims and how they are choosing community service over lucrative pay packages.

Angels Within, according to, blends a fictional story about discrimination with interviews with real-life Pakistani American doctors.

According to the news site, Naghmi of Washington, D.C., had an idea to make a movie about five years. He was distressed with the negative depiction of Muslims in Hollywood movies such as The Siege, it said.

Several Pakistani American doctors in Alabama are featured in the movie, as is the Anniston Islamic Centers Salam Free Clinic, which was established in 2012 to provide free health care to the community at large, particularly those without health insurance, according to the news site.

Naghmi expressed his gratitude on Facebook, writing: It was my dream to have the opening scene from Selma, Alabama This reminds me that this journey is not an easy journey nor is it for the weak but thanks God and all my well-wishers and supporters, I have come this far, just remember, what we do today affects our coming generation.

Special screenings of the film are being organized across the country in states like Alabama, Florida, Idaho, and California.

Angels Within, reports, has been submitted for Oscars consideration in the documentary category.

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