Dr Mehool Sanghrajka becomes first Jain to participate in a coronation

Leads the King’s procession into Westminster Abbey

The coronation of His Majesty King Charles III was magnificent in its pageantry and in continuation of a centuries-old tradition in the historic and stunning Westminster Abbey.  The Christian service incorporated by the commonwealth includes all the faiths in modern Britain. This included the faith leaders present leading the procession leading the King into the Abbey. 

For the Jain community, this was a truly historic moment as Dr. Mehool H Sanghrajka, Managing Trustee of the Institute of Jainology (IoJ), led the procession of other faith leaders down the nave and into the seating in the transept.  The IoJ leads OneJAIN, the collection of all UK Jain Organizations that work collectively in government and inter-faith matters.  

The inclusion of Jain and other faith leaders into the ceremony is further recognition of the important part that faiths and the commonwealth play in modern Britain.   

Dr. Sanghrajka said, “The 65,000-strong Jain community in the UK has been growing since the 1960s, and today’s ceremony is a truly historic moment for us. The event itself was magnificent filled with much history and pageantry. I will certainly cherish the memory.” 

The King has had an interest in the Jain faith for many years, initially opening the ‘Jainpedia exhibition’ at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and then visiting the Jain temple at the Oshwal Centre in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire. He has also been presented with the coveted IoJ Ahimsa Award for his work on environmental sustainability and promoting interfaith dialogue.

Dr.Sanghrajka leading the procession of other faith leaders

Dr. Sanghrajka added, “The day was also an opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones with both other religious leaders and statesmen. This is a start to a new phase for Jainism in Britain, integrated into the fabric of the state and supporting its own diverse communities.”   


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