Dr Raj Shah receives worldwide honors

Dr. Raj Shah, Director at Koehler Instrument Company and Adjunct professor at the State University of New York, Stony Brook (Dept. Of Material science and Chemical engineering) has received multiple allocades in the last few months. 

He was most recently felicitated with two prestigious awards by his peers In Toronto at the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) Annual meeting. 

NLGI is a professional society that, is primarily composed of companies worldwide who manufacture and market all types of lubricating oils and greases and companies that work closely with these organizations. Membership is by a company rather than by an individual and is very selective. 

Dr. Shah was awarded the most prestigious Clarence E. Earle Memorial Award at the annual meeting. This prestigious honor was in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the technical literature relating to lubricating greases during the year, especially the Grease guidebook that Bill Tuszynski and he edited which will serve as the handbook for the grease and oil industry for many years to come. (https://bit.ly/3QzVmXb) 

In addition, he along with the authors in the new grease handbook were also awarded the Golden Grease Gun Award which acknowledges his valuable work within the Grease Industry in the development of grease technology, manufacturing, testing, applications and better understanding of grease behavior or the promotion of grease usage. These two honors put together have never been given to the same individual in the same year before Dr. Shah received them in 2022.  

Dr. Raj Shah, helped published the new NLGI grease handbook which has received raving reviews recently ( https://bit.ly/3QzVmXb). Dr. Shah, also published “ Grease” in 2022, which discusses the latest research in this field, details of which can be found at https://bit.ly/3QzVmXb and has also received accolades from the petroleum industry. 

Earlier just a few months back, Dr. Shah was honored by his elevation to a Fellow position at the IOP. The Institute of Physics (IOP) is one of the world’s largest professional bodies and learned society for physics inspiring people to develop their knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of physics, headquartered in London. 

The great challenges we face in years to come, such as climate change and developing clean energy are international in scope and physics is the key to a lot of these societal problems. International collaboration is essential to tackling them; no individual country can solve them alone and physicists, have a fundamental role in leading the development of technologies to address these problems. The IOP has international reach and global connections but is independent of government or any academic institution or business. This enables them to bring together scientists and organizations from around the world, building the cross-border links that fuel scientific discovery and technological innovation. 

This honor for Dr. Raj Shah comes right after his recent elevation as a Fellow at the Institute of Chemical Engineers.  

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