Dr Roopa Modha named WOHA International Brand Ambassador Icon 2022-2023

Women of Heart Awards (WOHA) has named Dr Roopa Modha of the USA as the WOHA International Brand Ambassador Icon for 2022-2023.  

Dr Roopa Modha is an intellectual property law attorney, a dancer (been part of several successful world record attempts), a dance teacher (teaches three styles of Indian classical dance), a lyricist (conceptualized and wrote “I Rise” by Agents of Harmony), author, blogger, TV Host, emcee, and international pageant queen.  

Women of Heart Awards (WOHA) is committed to helping women from all backgrounds rise in their respective fields. Founded by Dr Desziree Richardson, WOHA, Face of WOHA, and the Women of Heart Awards Foundation (the charity branch of WOHA) has been growing since its inception just a couple of years ago. The director and the board choose the ambassadors for the organization, and they must be women who reflect the core philosophy of the organization – which is to empower women. 

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Women of Heart Awards and WOHF, Princess Dr Desziree Richardson, based in London, UK, said, “Dr Roopa Modha is an excellent addition to the WOHA project because of her wealth of experience and acclaimed international status. WOHA International brand Ambassador Icon, Dr Modha, is a multi-talented individual who has succeeded in various disciplines, from law, entertainment, and journalism to fields like science, dance and fashion. She is a jack of all trades that masters all, a rare feat that a genius can only achieve.” 

Dr Modha has always focused on working for girls’ education and empowering women. The Obama White House recognized her as a Changemaker in 2017 due to her efforts for girls’ education. She also was recognized by Malta House as a “Wonder Woman” and Canada’s Anokhi Award recognized her work as an Anokhi Advocate Crusader. Her efforts to help others have been recognized globally by many organizations. 

Regarding her selection and WOHA, Dr Modha shared, “I have always felt that we need to lead with our heart and not just with our brain. WOHA is an organization that reflects that philosophy, and I am honored to represent it locally and internationally. As a Woman of Heart, I have to spread the message that we must give to others wholeheartedly and help others to the best of our ability. Though I carry the crown on my head, I represent all the women who are part of this organization who are using their time to make a difference in the world. I have a long-term vision for WOHA and want to see more women engage with it to help elevate their platforms. As Ambassador, I want to be a light that can be used to strengthen the reach of causes furthering women’s rights and organizations and projects led by women! Thank you, Dr Desziree, for this honor!” 

Women of Heart Awards is holding an in-person award show on November 18th, 2023, in London, UK.  

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