Dubai philanthropist SPS Oberoi pays blood money for youth on death row

Dubai:  Renowned Dubai philanthropist and Sarbat Da Bhala Trust founder Dr SP Singh Oberoi has secured the release of another Indian on death row in Dubai. Dr Oberoi has paid blood money for the release of Kapurthala man Sohan Lal, a resident of Jainpur village in Sultanpur Lodhi, who was facing a death sentence in Dubai.

Dr SPS Oberoi has previously secured similar releases of 117 youths facing life imprisonment in Arab jails. Of the 117 youths, 85 were from Punjab, two from Haryana, three from Hyderabad, two from Maharashtra, 17 from Pakistan, five from Bangladesh and one each from Gujarat, Bihar and Philippines. He had facilitated bringing back bodies of 249 unfortunate people from Arab countries back to their families.

Holding a press meeting here along with Sohan Lal who was reunited with his family members here on Wednesday, Dr SPS Oberoi said during a fight in Dubai on June 9, 2016, a Jalandhar man, Jasvir Singh of Dadha Daulatpur village in Shahkot, had died. Following this, the Dubai police had arrested Sohan Lal in the case. Later, during the trial in the case he was given a death sentence for the murder.

Dr Oberoi said the case was brought to his notice by retired IPS Sajjan Singh Cheema who met him in this regard. Oberoi said following this, he met the victim’s family and convinced them of securing Sohan’s release on payment of blood money. Oberoi said after the victim’s family’s formal agreement on the issue, he fought the case of undertrial Sohan Lal and secured a pardon for him on payment of blood money five years and two months after he was first sent to prison.

Speaking on the occasion, Sohan Lal said he had lost all hope of seeing his loved ones again, but destiny sprung a surprise as Dr Oberoi got him out of the clutches of death. Sohan and his family extended hearty thanks to Dr Oberoi for his generous action.

Amarjit Singh, president, Sarbat Da Bhala Trust, Doaba, Satnam Singh Manak, journalist, Sajjan Singh Cheema, retired IPS and AAP leader, Atam Parkash Singh among others were also present on the occasion.


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