Eminent California cardiologist Romesh Japra’s house attacked for supporting Indian farm laws

On 22nd Feb, a video featuring derogatory anti-Modi chants aimed towards prominent Indian-American Dr Romesh Japra caught attention on social media. This video features chants in Punjabi by a sizeable mob of protestors equating Dr Japra to a dog, directly outside Dr Japra’s house in Fremont, California. This ‘counter-protest’ is part of a backlash against Dr Japra for organizing a car rally in support of the 2020 Indian Farm laws.

Dr Romesh Japra is a very prominent figure in the Indian-American community of California, especially Fremont. An eminent cardiologist with an MBBS degree from AIIMS, Delhi he moved to the US in 1973. Beyond the field of medicine, Dr Japra is the founder and convener of the Festival of Globe, an annual multi-ethnic cultural event featuring film, visual, performing and folk arts located in the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the years, this event has featured a multitude of Bollywood celebrities including Vivek Oberoi, Gulshan Grover, Randeep Hooda etc.

In recent years, Dr Japra has gravitated towards pushing pro-India and pro-Hindu politics in California in response to the perceived anti-India rhetoric and actions of the Progressive Caucus of the Democratic Party. (Source: opIndia.com)

Image courtesy of (Image courtesy: opindia.com)

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