Emmy-nominated filmmaker Tirlok Malik speaks at Vegan Spring Fest 2021

New York Emmy Award-nominated filmmaker Tirlok Malik, the creator of Ayurveda Cafe in Manhattan, New York and a Happy Life Yoga speaker was invited to the 2021 Vegan Spring Fest. The 14th annual event took place on April 11. Vegan Spring Fest is a free annual event that brings the vegan and veg-curious community together to celebrate a healthy lifestyle. The event was held at Union Square Park in Manhattan.
Malik spoke about the health advantages of living on a vegetarian/vegan diet. Malik being a vegetarian himself promotes Ayurveda and believes that being a vegetarian, living on a diet made from plant foods, is a better choice to stay healthy. Malik has been a regular speaker at the event for the last 10 years and has been sharing the wisdom of Ayurveda as well the benefits of eating the right vegetarian food for one’s body. Malik’s session was informative as well as highly entertaining. He also spoke about Happy life Yoga which is a key element to have balance between the inner world and external world.  

The vegan activist and author of “101 Reasons I’m a Vegetarian”, Pamela Rice started this event, formerly called Veggie Pride Parade, 14 years ago. This year the name had to be changed because there is no parade happening due to Covid-19 and so the organizers didn’t want the word “parade” in the name to confuse people. Pamela also spoke this year in detail about the government’s role in the oppression of animals. This year the event was organized by Maggie Sargent.

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