Empathy, Generosity and Compassion

By Quddus Mohammed
May this Ramadan Eid bring blessings, peace and harmony for the entire humanity.

During the month of Ramadan, in which the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims all around the world focus on faith, knowledge of God, and practice profound introspection, a deeper learning of conscious knowing or taqwa. Taqwa is conscious of Allah that you follow His commands and refrain from His prohibitions. The 30 days of fasting help us to develop moral and spiritual excellence. It also reminds us of the plight of those who are living in hunger or poverty.

As the auspicious month ends, the spiritual take away is to super-charge our divinity, strengthen our moral life with the rigorous practice of self-restraint, empathy, compassion, and joyful celebration of community.

To be conscious of God, to love Him and the righteous attributes essential to attain Taqwa – these are beautifully worded in the poem below:

   Two Wings of a Bird
(A Poem by Quddus Mohammed)

O Dear! tremble not for tomorrow’s rain
We have a charming nest and straw to sleep
And enough grain for winter freeze
Hoard not tight seed in greed, we are birds
Share more wheat with friends and foe
We are two wings of a bird

For full poem: www.culturetalkstudio.com

The prayers and the rituals during the festivities are an expression of gratitude to the Divine. The process of purification starts by eliminating the evils from the self and liberate ourselves from the darkness of ignorance. Leaving ego behind is the first step in a human being’s journey to transcendence. Like mist our ego shrouds the mind. A self-reflective process of looking at yourself through the eyes of others can be a humbling and eye-opening experience.

Author bio

Quddus Mohammed is a Humanitarian, Community Leader, Cookbook Author and Published Writer of books such as ‘Home Cooking: Recipes for Multicultural Gatherings’ and ‘In My Zone of Silence, A Collection of Contemporary Poems’.

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