Eric Adams beats Yang and Garcia in new ranked-choice poll

New York: Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, who has a six-point lead in the latest NY1/Ipsos poll over a sliding Andrew Yang and surging Kathryn Garcia, earns the most first-choice votes and would also win over both of them under the new tabulation system, where voters can rank up to five candidates, reports New York Post.

When NY1 performed the ranked-choice voting simulation, Adams wins 60-40 over former Sanitation Commissioner Garcia and 58-42 over Yang.

It takes former NYPD captain Adams seven rounds in the winnowing process to get to those victories.


The poll, taken from May 17 to May 31, surveyed 906 likely Democratic voters and has a margin of error of 2.4 percentage points.


The former cop’s leapfrogging in the polls comes as public safety is on the minds of New Yorkers. Almost half of voters, 46 percent, say public safety should be the top priority for Mayor Bill de Blasio’s successor. Adams leads other candidates by 22 percentage points when pollsters asked voters whom they trust most to address crime.

In addition, 72 percent of Democrats say the city should add more NYPD officers, according to the poll.

Early voting begins this Saturday in the rapidly approaching June 22 mayoral primary.

A lot is still in play with even the man who currently holds the office they are all vying for, Mayor Bill de Blasio, saying that the race is wide open, with so many New Yorkers still undecided.


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