Eric Adams Proposes a $98 Billion Budget

New York: Mayor Eric Adams unveiled his $98 billion preliminary budget for the fiscal year 2023 on February 16, which he said will focus on promoting public safety and speeding up the city’s economic recovery from COVID-19.

“New York has always been a city of the future,” Adams said. “And today, we are here to plan for that future. It means building a city where safety and justice go hand-in-hand,” he said.

Adams said, the city has cut over $2 billion in spending and will head into the new budget season with a reserve of over $6 billion.

“My administration is laser-focused on fiscal discipline,” Adams said. “We’re not spending our money. We’re spending your money. And we will make decisions that invest in our city and benefit all New Yorkers. We will be radically practical. Success will be measured by how much we accomplish, not how much we spend.”

Adams announced public safety as one of his top priorities. “The NYPD is our first line of defense,” Adams said. “We will make new efforts to strengthen and reinforce it while continuing our mission to involve the community.”

Another one of Adams’ budget priorities, he said, is bolstering the city’s economic recovery from the pandemic by investing more money in supporting working-class families. “This wise management of our resources is allowing us to make historic investments in equity and justice and in safety,” Adams said. “We’re putting money in the pockets of working people.”

Image courtesy of (Image Courtesy: The City)

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