Every Indian deserves a salute for India’s formidable achievements

Looking back to the history of India 76 years ago, we all know that India has made unimaginable progress. To name a few, the poverty rate is reduced, educational and literacy levels increased, industrial growth quadrupled, the financial sector became robust, and the life expectancy of ordinary Indians became longer. The progress in the above areas is attributed to the enterprising Indians and the right policies adopted by the Government in power from time to time. Of course, there have been setbacks in certain areas and India still needs to make progress to call it a developed nation. Women need more empowerment, youth need more employment opportunities for the graduating students, the country needs legal reforms for rendering speedy justice, need administrative reforms for the “Make in India” slogan a reality, and make it easier for domestic and foreign entities to start businesses in India. It was unimaginable in the 1980s that the license raj of India will go away any time in the future. Credit is to be given to some of India’s leaders with farsightedness. I am sure that with the right kind of policies and transparency in governance at the state and central government levels, India can achieve wonders. As the Prime Minister of India has said, India will be a five trillion dollar economy soon. India perhaps will be the largest economy in the world in 10-15 years. This is what I see in India@77 and beyond. Every Indian deserves a salute for India’s formidable achievements during the seventy-seventh year after independence.           

— Appen Menon, Esq. 

Executive Chairman & CEO 

Indian American International Chamber of Commerce 

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