Facebook restores cross-posted tweets that disappeared

San Francisco, Aug 29: Facebook has restored the cross-posted tweets of its users that temporarily disappeared following the removal of the Twitter app from Facebook, the media reported.

Twitter requested the deletion of its app from Facebook as it became useless there earlier this month following Facebook’s move to give effect to an earlier decision to remove a feature that allowed people to cross-post updates from Twitter, Axios reported on Wednesday.

But little did it know that the removal of the app would delete any old posts of its users from Facebook.

The users who found out on Tuesday that some of their old cross-posted tweets went missing from Facebook were surprised too, the report said.

A Twitter admin requested their app be deleted, which resulted in content that people had cross-posted from Twitter to Facebook also being temporarily removed from people’s profiles, Facebook said in a statement to Axios.

However, we have since restored the past content and it’s now live on people’s profiles, Facebook said.

The deletions were temporary, but this episode served as a reminder that users are not always in control of the content that they create on giant social media platforms.

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