Feels good to have lasted through so many trends: Shaggy

Singer Shaggy.

Jamaican reggae singer Shaggy’s music was a party essential in the ’90s. He is back on top of charts with “Banana” — a collaborative effort with Conkarah. He says it feels really good to know that he has lasted so many years and through so many trends.

Topping music charts isn’t new for the Grammy winner, who had gained massive success with tracks like “It wasn’t me”, “Boombastic” and “Angel”. But “Banana” making it to the top spot of TikTok app is special for him.

“Music is music though it feels really good to know that we’ve lasted so many years and through so many trends, and it’s especially great that we’re pretty popular within the current trend,” Shaggy, whose real name is Orville Richard Burrell, told IANS.

The 2019 track, which is being aired on Vh1 India, has become a rage now, thanks to the Banana drop challenge. From commoners to celebrities, including Indian TV star Rashami Desai, people have been dropping their sunglasses down to their faces while dancing to the foot-tapping number.

“There are a lot of Indian fans that have taken the challenge and I’ve posted many of them. We’re just really grateful that this song is bringing smiles to so many people’s faces,” said the singer.

Now fans are eagerly waiting for his upcoming album “Hot Shot 2020”, which is expected to be out on July 10. With this project, Shaggy will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of his hit album “Hot Shot”.

Image courtesy of IANS

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