Filmmaker defends Bollywood

Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has opened up in defense of Bollywood in a series of tweets. He seems to have responding to actress Kangana Ranaut, who recently tweeted allegations about rampant drug use in Bollywood parties.

Mehta, who directed Kangana in the 2017 film “Simran”, said that although the Hindi film industry has its rotten apples, it is unfair to generalize all artistes as debauches. “I’ve spent nearly 23 years making movies in Bombay. Not every party has been scintillating but some I’ve attended have been usually fun, full of camaraderie, bonding with colleagues and mostly great conversations over booze, cigarettes and some great, great food.”

“Just like Bollywood is a generic term that I disown I think any generalization about the film industry being mostly about drugs, sex and scandals is unfair. The industry being unfair and mean is also a most unfair generalization. This is an industry of artists not debauches.”

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