Finding fulfillment in this world

By Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

Most people are trying to fulfill their desires. We might have a desire to buy a car; we might have a desire to buy a house; we might have a desire to study history or the sciences, or we might desire any objects of this world. Our emphasis is on being able to fulfill those desires.
Life goes on in a way in which we are always trying to fulfill one desire after another after another. What happens is that desires do not end. When one is fulfilled, then we have another desire. As we try to fulfill that one, then we have another desire, then another.
Life just keeps on passing by. We are searching for happiness all over the world.Little do we realise that the true wealth,true happiness,and true love are waiting within us.We think that happiness is outside ourselves.We think it lies in wealth,name and fame,possessions and relationships.
Since our human system is set up to focus on fulfilling our desires, what is needed is the right kind of desire. First, we need to choose a goal. And the right goal is to choose God, to have the merger of our soul in the Lord.God lies within us.God’s love is within.There is nothing in the outer world
that can compare to that. We spend our precious life breaths pursuing the fulfillment of our every wish in the worldly sphere.
In the end we find that none of those wishes brings us the happiness, love, and contentment we really want.Instead of seeking the true treasures outside ourselves ,we should sit in meditation and find the true wealth within. If we would stick to being conscious of our true self, as soul, we would
find more love and happiness than we can have from the fulfillment of any desire in the world. Then we will find our lives filled with love,bliss,and eternal peace and happiness.


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