‘Fingers crossed’: Purab Kohli on working in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’

Purab Kohli hopes that his role as a game developer in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ opens doors for more international offers and people in the West take notice of him as an actor. Purab, who previously worked with director Lana Wachowski in 2014 on ‘Sense8’, said he was beaming with joy after he was roped in for the fourth chapter of the Matrix.

“This is such a big film and you are part of it and clearly a noticeable part. I think it will kind of make an impression. Fingers crossed, people will look at casting me in bigger parts and trust that as an actor I could carry on bigger parts in films that are as big as this,” Purab, who has moved to London, was quoted as saying in Hindustan Times.

The 42-year-old actor, best known for movies such as ‘My Brother…Nikhil’, ‘I Am’, ‘Rock On!’ series, said he never thought he would be a part of the Matrix franchise.

The actor may appear in a handful of scenes in ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ but he recalls having read the entire script and being bowled over by the vision of the makers.

“I read the whole bound script in one go, and it was a hard copy that came to me. When I put it down and I looked at my wife and said, wow, this is really amazing and she’s just gonna blow the world again,” he said.

Speaking of how he landed the role in the movie, Kohli shared he didn’t audition for the movie because the director was aware of his work, courtesy ‘Sense8’.

“I didn’t audition for Matrix because I had worked with Lana on ‘Sense8’, which I auditioned for a couple of times and then also did reading before I got cast. That was the tough one. But once Lana trusted I could act and I think for the Matrix it was just a sheer honor that she just thought of me for the part,” he added.

Having admired Keanu Reeves since his growing up years, the actor said it was a huge moment to work alongside the Hollywood star. “To work with him, sit next to him and do a scene was just really good. He’s not a big star, he is so simple, easy and comfortable and really relaxed. Like every other actor, he’s just trying his best to give his best, asking the same questions you ask the director.

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