Firefighters fails to save Kashmira, who went in to save her dog

Williston Park, NY: 60-year-old Kashmira Patel lost her life in Nassau County inferno as the rescue work was hampered by a downed power line and a faulty fire hydrant.

It was a house filled with family gathering for a funeral, but went up in flames early Tuesday morning.

Seven people managed to make it out but Kashmira Patel, who went back inside in an effort to save her beloved dog, both perished.

Kashmira had been visiting her relatives, gathering to mourn the patriarch of their family who had passed away last week.

Now relatives are dealing with an even larger loss and question the time it took for firefighters to respond. “They tried to get the water, but they didn’t have enough length of the hose,” said one neighbor.

The Nassau County fire marshal Michael Uttaro said the fire was already raging by the time firefighters got to the scene.

“They were hampered by a downed power line that they couldn’t cross, it was actually blocking the front door,” said Uttaro, “there was also a faulty fire hydrant on Herricks Road, but firefighters found a working hydrant very quickly.”

Image courtesy of CBS News

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