Focal points of Jainism

By Jainendra Kumar Jain

Anuvrat is the center point of Jain thought. An ancient code of life that is so beautifully carved out to deliver deeply equitable benefits to all cohabitants of our planet. Based on principals of Karma, it is a complete way of life that makes us all truly human. It fulfills our obligation to others and to Mother Earth admirably.

Jainism is a religion of deep spirituality, futuristic sciences/ noble technology/ extraordinary engineering/ logical/ exact sciences like Mathematics that runs our world today, not to mention exceptional Arts and Architecture, this fantastically inspiring way of life is that of heroes, brave people who are generous and complimentary as are their core values. It imparts measurable benefits to all partners sharers/ equity holders of this mother earth of ours.

Jainism is simple, easy to follow. It is based on five simple commandments of:

  1. 1.Ahimsa or Non-Violence (do not hurt another living being, man or beast, by Man (heart/ emotions/ thinking), Vachana (by speech as that can hurt/ cause reactionary violence in our thoughts), and Karma or Kaya (deeds as that can invite powerful reactions, good or bad). Meaning also that we practice conscious kindness in our daily lives, e.g., practice and promote Vegetarianism/ life to others.

  1. 2.To speak the truth Always (as being partially or part time truth teller or part time vegetarian is laughable, you are either committed to it or not at all). People who are committed to absolutely anything, almost always outperform those without commitment. 

  1. 3.Do not steal or take what belongs to other (as invariably, always it will create violence in mind of people affected by it)

4. Aparigraha, do not hoard (as invariably this too will create reactionary violence in minds of men who have suffered from the mindless hoarding or violence committed this way.

5. Brahmacharya or maintain celibacy while you are gathering education concept and inner nature of which is a powerful horse like energy and momentum that will open your mind to know there is still forever lots left to learn, keeping you humble and seekers of more and more knowledge, plus take you on long, inspired journeys everywhere you wish to go and to learn more.

Anuvrat as I understand it, is a celebrated and powerful, conscious commitment for practicing above five concepts, by disciplined people and practitioners. Essentially creating practice of a powerful instrument of mindful, applying and amplifying, all existing principles of Jainism, a religion of self-conquerors as a brave, committed soul is generous by its very nature. A conqueror of not of others but of your own wild wishes and desires everything from greed, envy, obsession, fear, anger etc. It is a bigger victory than conquering others but for what good is it to win over the world but lose your very self. I feel it is worth exploring.

Writer is a freelance seeker and practitioner of ‘More’. Born in India in September 1953 to a middle-class Jain Family, he travelled to England in 1970, studied and worked for 12 years before migrating to USA in early 1982. Practiced investing in NY city Real Estate, a medium size NY investor most of his working life, he has now embarked in the field of life science and in particular the field of futuristic free energy and its optimum storage technology. He lives in PA and NJ.

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