For sake of your own children, don’t encourage these separatists: AIA to CT Senators

The Association of Indians in America (AIA), the oldest national organization founded 55 years ago in 1967 has condemned the April 29th Connecticut General Assembly citation supporting the separatist Sikh movement in India.

“We are dismayed, disheartened, and bewildered at such a cheap shot at India, the largest secular democracy of the world, whom America is very rightly courting at present to play a major role in saving humanity from theocratic and dictatorial states around the world,” Gobind Munjal, AIA National President said in a press statement.  

“Sir, with due respect, we have not come across such ignorant state senators or local elected officials like the ones in your group. Sir, you the signatories of this citation have poor or no knowledge of history, or the importance and need of nurturing and appreciating secular democracies around the world. Your honor, you are a disgrace to your Connecticut state senate colleagues and are bringing a bad name to your great state,” the association hit out at the state senators in the same statement.  

“USA needs secular democracies (India being the largest secular democracy in the world) for the survival of democratic and secular principles around the world that the USA espouses or would these few Connecticut state senators want China, other Communist countries, theocratic states, dictatorial regimes as neighbors in this world or Russia for that matter. We feel sorry for the citizens of the great state of Connecticut, which we personally know are very decent, dignified, highly educated and caring.” 

“We are not worried about India, it is big, strong, confident, and a highly respected country around the world. India can take care of itself. India for thousands of years have given shelter to the persecuted around the world, present time included. In case, respected Connecticut state senators don’t read newspapers it is time you start subscribing and hire some intelligent and well-read subordinates.

“What we are worried about is our adopted homeland United States of America, if we have among us such ignorant elected officials, this country is doomed; we can’t afford to let that happen and we won’t let it happen. Please, for the sake of your own children’s future, do not encourage these terrorists’ associated groups, otherwise one day they will demand America should be geographically divided into, Hispanic, Afro-American, and Islamic sections with its sharia law and of course a segment called Khalistan. 

“We can’t speak on behalf of India; however, we will paraphrase, centuries ago statement of a former British prime minister, William Ewart Gladstone, who said, “let the barking dogs bark.“ 

Image courtesy of thesatimes

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