Former PM Manmohan Singh slams govt on foreign policy

New Delhi: Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh slammed the BJP-led government at the Centre and alleged that the government’s policies on farm laws have increased people’s debt in the country.

“Rich people are getting richer while the poor people are getting poorer,” Manmohan Singh said, adding, “There is a problem in both the intention as well as the policies of this government.”

He further attacked the government’s foreign policy and said, “The issue is not limited to the nation. This government has also failed on foreign policy.”

In a video message played out by Congress, he accused the BJP government of trying to suppress the issue of Chinese incursion near India’s border.

“China is sitting at our border and efforts are being made to suppress it,” the former prime minister alleged.

He further slammed the BJP leaders and said, “Relationships do not improve by giving hugs to politicians, or by going to eat biryani for free.”

“It is easy to talk big, but it is very difficult to put them into practice,” Manmohan Singh said.

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