Four ways to practice good posture

By The SATimes News Service

We are all spending way more time in front of the computer, tablet, and phone screens. And, there’s a good way and a bad way to be sitting in place for such a long period of time. Dr. Michael Rykse from AlignLife Chiropractic & Natural Health Center in Norton Shores, Michigan, tells us about proper posture and how you save your back and neck from permanent damage.

“Posture is the gateway into our health,” explained Dr. Rykse. “Kids are doing a lot of virtual learning, and parents are working from home, and many of them have been complaining about neck and back pain. This can be helped with just a few minor adjustments, so that down the road – you’re not paying for it”.

First, Dr. Rykse recommends adjusting the height of your screen. Placing it higher forces you to look forward, and not down. This will take a lot of weight and strain off the neck. There are many products you can purchase for this purpose, but just an empty packaging box will do.

Then, to relax your shoulders, use a keyboard and mouse that are just below the level of your chest. Using the pad and keyboard on your laptop can cause tension from your shoulders to your fingertips.

Also, we tend to work where we feel comfortable, and this may mean we are working from the couch. Dr. Rykse says, “don’t slouch on the couch”, and if you can’t help it, then move back to the table and chair. Try “scooting” their tailbone to the back of the chair to help with their posture even more.

Lastly, Dr. Rykse recommends “moving” or taking a break from the electronic devices. “Kids usually get recesses, adults get lunch breaks, take a moment to go for a walk, or play”.

“When you sit incorrectly, you are straining and shortening all of those muscles,” Dr. Rykse mentioned. “You’re making that body not move the way it was designed to move. So, practicing these four ways to improve your posture, can make all of the difference in the short-term and long -term”.

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