Friendship with India, China of ‘paramount importance’: Nepal

United Nations: Nepal’s friendship with both neighbors, India and China, remains of “paramount importance” in the conduct of its foreign policy, the country’s new Foreign Minister Narayan Khadka has said at the high-level 76th United Nations General Assembly.

Addressing the General Debate of the UNGA, Khadka said that Nepal’s worldview is shaped by its adherence to the principle of ‘amity with all and enmity with none’.

“Our friendship with both of our neighbors, India and China, remains of paramount importance in the conduct of our foreign policy based on the principles of Panchsheel – five principles of peaceful co-existence, derived from the teachings of Lord Buddha, the enlightened son of Nepal,” he said.

Addressing world leaders, Khadka also expressed gratitude to India and China for their support to the Himalayan nation in the fight against the pandemic.


Image courtesy of (courtesy: Twitter/@DrSJaishankar)

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