Gautam Raghavan first Indian American in Biden’s transition team

Washington, DC: Indian-American Gautam Raghavan has joined the transition team announced by the Biden campaign.

Headed by Delaware Senator Ted Kaufman, the transition team will lay the groundwork for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden to constitute his administration if he wins the November US presidential election and defeats incumbent Donald Trump.

Raghavan, who previously worked in the White House during the Obama administration and currently was the chief of staff to Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal, is the only Indian-American in the Biden transition team.

“Gautam Raghavan joins Biden Transition,” said Impact, an Indian-American political advocacy group which he has founded.

“The next president will confront an ongoing global health pandemic and inherit an economy in its worst shape since the Great Depression. No one will have taken office facing such daunting obstacles since Franklin Delano Roosevelt,” Kaufman said in a statement.

“Joe Biden is prepared to meet these urgent challenges on the day he is sworn in as president, and begin the hard work of addressing the public health crisis and rebuilding an economy that puts working families first,” he said.

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