German man undergoes 30 surgeries due to mosquito bite

Berlin: A 27-year-old man from Germany underwent the worst experience of his life after he was bitten by an Asian tiger mosquito last year, the Daily Star reported.

Sebastian Rotschke, a resident of Rodermark in Germany thereafter slipped into a coma and had 30 surgeries, apart from getting his two toes amputated. The newspaper also reported that Roteschke suffered from blood poisoning and dealt with liver, kidney, heart, and lung failure on several occasions.

Doctors said the bite even led to a malignant bacterium that ate away almost halfway up his left thigh, and Rotschke had to undergo skin transplantation to remove an abscess formed in the region.

The doctors quickly guessed that the Asian tiger mosquito bite was the cause of the whole thing and called in a specialist,” Rotschke said in an interview with the Daily Star.

The Asian tiger mosquito, known as Aedes Albopictus, usually bites during the daytime and according to scientists hosts, many viral pathogens, including the yellow fever virus, Chikungunya fever as well as filarial nematodes like Dirofilaria immitis, and Zika virus.

Image courtesy of (Photo: Wikipedia)

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