‘Give me 5 years to serve you’: PM Modi to Punjab

Pathankot: Prime Minister Narendra Modi called the AAP a photocopy of the Congress, alleging that both parties are pretending to fight against each other in the Punjab Assembly elections.

Listing similarities between the two parties, he alleged both of them opposed the Ram temple in Ayodhya and they speak the “language of Pakistan” when Indian soldiers show their valor.

Addressing a rally here ahead of the February 20 elections, Modi also said the Congress had committed a “sin” by failing to keep Kartarpur Sahib, the final resting place of Sikhism founder Guru Nanak Dev, within India’s territory at the time of the Partition.

He urged voters to bring the BJP-led alliance to power in Punjab for the all-round development of the state.

Taking on the Congress and the Aam Aadmi Party, Modi said, “Both these parties, despite being ‘ek thali ke chatte batte’ (two sides of the same coin), are now together doing ‘noora kushti’ (pretending to fight) in Punjab. Have you seen WWF? This is what they are doing. They are pretending to be rivals.” “It is a Xerox copy of the Congress. Everything is the same,” he said referring to the AAP.

Modi assured voters that if the BJP-led alliance comes to power in Punjab, it will make farming, trade, and industry profitable. “Give me five years to serve you. I assure you farming, trade, industry will be made profitable,” he said.

Targeting the Congress over Kartarpur Sahib, Modi asked the gathering, “Have they committed a sin or not?” He said the party crushed people’s sentiments. “Could they not understand that Kartarpur Sahib was just 6 odd km away? Should it not have been included in India’s territory?”

Earlier, addressing a rally in Jalandhar, PM Modi said, “if given a chance, the NDA will deliver a ‘Nava Punjab’ or new Punjab in the next five years. “I want to dedicate the next five years to building the Nava Punjab which will be free of debt, corruption, and drugs,” he said.

Attacking Congress in his speech, the prime minister said that the incumbent government was being remote-controlled by a family in Delhi. He claimed that governments in all Congress-ruled states were working under orders from the Gandhi family.

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