Glen Rock residents, Act of Humanity donate free masks, supplies

A group of local residents from Glen Rock, NJ, along with Act of Humanity, a charitable organization, handed out free KN95 masks, hand sanitizers, and face shields on October 9, 2021, just outside the Rock Ridge Pharmacy on Rock Rd. The group was motivated by seeing many people who work at various establishments on Rock Road and around Glen Rock wearing surgical masks. They wanted to offer residents higher quality masks that provide better protection against the highly contagious Delta variant. With younger children still not eligible for Covid-19 vaccines, the CDC recommends that all vaccinated and unvaccinated people use KN95 masks indoors and in crowded places.
The team handed out over 5000 KN95 masks, 2000 bottles (8 Oz) of hand sanitizer, and 400 facial shields. Recipients included Glen Rock families, town visitors, local store employees, and others — many expressed gratitude for getting high-quality masks and hand sanitizers for free. Jack M. Ciattarelli, New Jersey nominee for Governor in the 2021 gubernatorial election, stopped by at the event to show his support for the cause.
Act of Humanity donated all handouts and Vishnu Patel, manager of Rock Ridge Pharmacy sponsored the event by providing logistical support.

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