Global Indian Diaspora tweets roses to Indian missions as mark of love to farmers

On Valentine’s Day, about two dozen Indian diaspora organizations launched an initiative for extending support to protesting farmers by tweeting or sending a rose to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The organizers urged sympathizers and members to send a rose to Indian missions in their respective regions to express their solidarity with the Indian farmers.

“We would like to express our unwavering solidarity with the farmers in India and to draw attention to their non-violent protest braving harsh weather conditions and repressive measures for over two months,” the Global Indian Diaspora, a coalition of progressives, said in a joint statement.

At the same time, the Diaspora made it clear that they opposed any rhetoric or ideology that divides people of India.

Though the initiative has the form of a fun social media campaign, the Diaspora underlined its commitment to the farmers’ cause by urging for the release of all those in custody.

The Diaspora also acknowledged the moral perseverance of Indian farmers and said it wished to amplify the voices of farm leaders like Darshan Pal, who oppose the “…repressive measures unleashed by the government against farmers, including the discriminatory laws, the arrests of farmers and the internet shutdown.


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