Global Kashmiri Pandits Diaspora and Battleground Warriors for Trump Victory team up for brainstorming session

With the hundred days countdown to the US elections having started, Global Kashmiri Pandits Diaspora (GKPD) brought together a distinguished panel of speakers to have an informed discussion on the critical and historic importance of the upcoming elections. The panel was moderated by Dr. Mohan Sapru, founding member of GKPD and chief coordinator, Washington D.C. He laid out the panel agenda which was to focus on the US economy, agenda driven US journalism, US India partnership, the hostility within sections of the US political system to India’s internal affairs in Kashmir as it sought to right the wrong and why Indo Americans should vote for President Trump. 

The eminent panel included David Zere, TV and radio political commentator, host of Breaking Point on America’s Voice News, currently part of the White House Press Pool; Adam Weiss, Advisor & PR management for top politicians & national TV network, currently handles communications management for Trump Campaign; Dr. Raj Bhayani, ENT facial Plastic surgeon, entrepreneur, leader of Indian physicians organization, chair of Battleground Warriors for Trump; Abhijit Iyer Mitra, author, defence economist, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Peace & Conflict Studies, associated with Kings College London for doctoral studies; Vivek Agnihotri, award winning film maker and jurist, author & public speaker, currently making an epic film ‘The Kashmir Files’ on Genocide of Kashmiri Hindus; Pushpendra Kulshrestha, senior journalist, worked with Sahara, BBC news and AAJ news of Pakistan, political speaker and commentator.

In his kick-off remarks Al Mason highlighted that Indo Americans are a political force to be reckoned with and should deploy that leverage to their advantage. Based on his surveys more than half of those who voted Democratic previously will now abandon their affiliation and vote for President Trump giving him the majority support within the community. President Trump has given India, Indo Americans unparalleled respect in his dealings on matters of concern to them.

David Zere stressed that Trump stands for Indo American values which places strong emphasis on family, individual enterprise and entrepreneurship, legal immigration and being an asset to society as opposed to a liability. The proposed tax rate increase under a possible Democratic dispensation from 21% to 28% would be a big negative when households are struggling with diminished incomes and businesses that have no earnings.

Dr. Raj Bhayani pointed out that Trump has given unqualified support to India on Kashmir, in its counter to Chinese expansionism and during the Balakot strike against Pakistan in securing the release of the captured pilot. He has not interfered in the internal affairs of India ever. He questioned the Democratic party for taking the support of the Indo Americans for granted. He pointed out that it was the Democratic party members who were instigators of the Congressional hearings that were extremely hostile to India after the removal of Article 370 and CA ordinance. He asked as to why Muslim Americans have a page on Presidential candidate Biden’s website when Hindu Americans do not in spite of their magnificent contribution of heart, mind and money to America in education, health and technology. 

Adam Weiss alerted the audience to the pernicious role of the agenda driven media. While their reach was small and shrinking their ability to affect 8% to 10% of the votes could be a key swing factor so it had to be countered. Nowhere was this more evident than the media’s efforts to paralyze economic activity. He declared that the choice was simple, that between Democratic socialism versus Trump capitalism. 

In his hard-hitting remarks Vivek Agnihotri laid bare the nexus between media and academia whose goal is anti-democracy, foster class war and to promote anarchy. He revealed as to how this Islamist and Marxist cabal leverages fake virtual signaling around a social justice theme but are indulging in proxy war. The genocide of Kashmiri Pandits was a tragic case history of what these parties had accomplished. He advised Americans to shop wisely and to vote wisely.

Pushpendra Kulshrestha provided a succinct summary of the mistakes committed by India by adopting Article 370 and then compounding it by the extra constitutional implementation of Article 35A. 

Abhijit Iyer Mitra provided the broader geopolitical considerations including Trump’s rock-solid support during Galwan crisis. 

Al Mason added that the Indian Americans are the king makers and they for the first time will be a force to be reckoned with. Their votes will be counted. They will be acknowledged as a community which helped re- elect President Trump.

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