GMAT vs GRE: Key differences between the tests

By Ilana Kowarski

Many business schools will accept two graduate school entry exams: either the Graduate Record Examinations General Test (GRE), or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). MBA applicants can choose which test to take in order to showcase their academic potential.

Among the 96 MBA programs that responded to a survey Kaplan conducted via email in October 2020, 96% reported that they allowed applicants to submit GRE scores as an alternative to GMAT scores.

Asked whether they had a preference between the two exams, 86% of programs reported that one test was not advantaged over the other during their admissions process. Meanwhile, 13% said GMAT test-takers had a leg up and 1% said GRE test-takers had an edge.

During the coronavirus pandemic, remotely proctored online versions of both tests were introduced, and those online testing options will continue to be offered after the pandemic is over.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business is among many business schools whose official policy is to give the GRE and GMAT equal weight. “We have no preference for one test over the other,” the school’s website states.

Dennis Yim, director of live online courses with Kaplan, notes that because most B-schools accept scores from both tests, finding out which test a school prefers is no longer as important as it was in the past.

(Courtesy: US News)

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