Good choice, Joe

By Ravi Batra

Joe Biden’s first choice – as a would-be POTUS, like candidates before him – is to select his vice presidential running mate. He has done well. That he limited himself to picking a woman elevates gender-equality to a heartbeat away from the Presidency of these United States, where “united,” sadly, is a noun today. That Joe picked a woman of color is his promotion of Black Lives Matter – as Jim Clyburn wanted and got and what the late great John Lewis marched for all his life – in Kamala Harris. In our two-party system, the VP slot is reserved for a fighter-debater; a pugilist, and Kamala is surely that even in her sleep.

In present day, our President Donald J. Trump himself enjoys being a pugilist, and so does his base. So, there will be in-person debate-fights that only Joe & Donald will engage in; the rest Kamala will enjoy more than Mike Pence. I leave for last – Kamala’s partial “Indian” roots: I note it; but for me – a Democrat – I will vote not because the candidates pander to one ethnic or religious group or another – be they Christian, Hindu or Muslim, as each must enjoy First Amendment rights. Rather, I will vote for the top-of-the-ticket who will stand up for America and all Americans, having the right to pursue the American Dream and happiness, and who will best protect our Public Safety and Public Health from enemies foreign and domestic, and stand up to CCP’s China – who after deliberate export of the Wuhan Virus that Pearl Harbored us more than 150 times in numbers of Americans killed – then, perhaps, it’s greatest miscalculation, got belligerent, globally reminiscent of Nazi Hitler’s dreams of global domination, with concentration camps. I will not vote for an Appeaser-in-Chief, a Neville Chamberlain, but for a POTUS that will restore American greatness and exceptionalism worthy of Ben Franklin and each of our Founders, exceptional in then-history, including, my favorite, author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson.

Ravi Batra is an eminent attorney based in New York.

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