‘Good riddance,’ say UK MPs after Priti Patel resigns

Indian-origin Priti Patel – who held the post of Britain’s home secretary, or interior minister – announced that she will step down and continue serving the country from the “backbenches” of the Witham constituency.

Critics who have criticized the former minister for overpromising and underdelivering on immigration, crime, charity, and other policies in her three-year tenure, termed Patel’s exit as “good riddance”, alleging that she has been the “worst home secretary in living memory”.

A series of tweets followed after her announcement with a letter on the microblogging site.

“Priti Patel will go down as the worst Home Secretary in history. Her tenure has been plagued by allegations of bullying and spiteful policies which have made our country a pariah on the fringes of international law. Sadly, I expect more of the same from her successor,” said Liverpool Wavertree MP Paula Barker.

“Good riddance @pritipatel. You were an unspeakably cruel Home Secretary and won’t be missed by anyone with a shred of decency,” wrote Zarah Sultana, Labour Party MP for Coventry South.

Patel was often termed a bully by her colleagues. According to the Independent, the morale inside the home office of the UK government was left in tatters because of Boris Johnson’s decision to keep Priti Patel as home secretary despite findings that she broke the ministerial code by bullying civil servants.

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