GOP fundraising platform raked in $559 million in 2021

Washington DC: GOP online fundraising vehicle WinRed raised $559 million last year as the party began gearing up for November’s midterm elections. WinRed’s 2021 haul included $158 million in the fourth quarter alone.

The platform touted its gains at the state and local level as well, saying it processed $80.7 million in such donations last year, including $32 million in the last quarter of the year. First-time donors contributed $209.3 million, including $63.4 million in the fourth quarter, WinRed said.

“Following a record year of fundraising, WinRed is hitting the ground running in 2022,” WinRed president Gerrit Lansing said in a statement to The Hill. “Between WinRed’s lower fee structure and continued growth and innovation, we’re putting Republicans at a competitive advantage. We’re leaving no stone unturned to ensure a successful midterm election for the GOP.”

WinRed launched in 2019 as an answer to its Democratic counterpart, ActBlue.

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