Got a sushi craving? Here’s what’s making it so popular today

It began as a mealtime staple in the paddy fields of Southeast Asia, spread to Japan in the 8th century and today, it’s jumped onto mainstream menus across the world. Not only is sushi healthy, but it’s easy to make as well. And if people are eating out, there’s a huge chance they will opt for sushi.

One of the most common types is nigiri sushi where a thin piece or slice of raw or cooked fish or vegetables is placed atop a mound of rice that has been soaked in vinegar. While temaki is rolled by hand, maki sushi or nor maki is prepared using a sheet of dried seaweed that holds the rice and fillings. Sashimi is raw fish served with daikon radish and uramaki is maki inside out — the outer layer has rice while seaweed is placed inside. Another popular bite is tempura roll, which is fried maki or uramaki.

The next time you’re dishing up a menu or even eating out, give the usual dessert a skip and go for some sushi. That’s right. Go for a chocolate maki roll or a fruit filled one.

Today, there are artisanal skills associated with sushi making, where chefs are turning sushi into absolute centerpieces! From Frida Kahlo to rapper Drake and from basketball star LeBron James to Mona Lisa — Milan-based artist Yujia Hu has created famous faces from sushi. You also have cute sashimi with floral, panda and teddy bear designs that make it too good to eat!

Did you know sushi is among the first few of a list of the most Instagrammed foods in the world? With its form and size and the sheer variety of fillings it has, the stuffed roll absolutely lends itself to food photography. Culinary lovers have gone on to create hybrids of it as well, for instance the sushi burrito and sushi donut that went viral a few years ago. (Source:

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