Governor Hochul issues proclamation declaring February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

Governor Hochul recognized February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month in New York State. The Governor also issued a proclamation and directed State landmarks to be illuminated in orange on February 6, in recognition of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Day. Coinciding with this proclamation, the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence launched a Healthy Relationship Quiz aimed at helping individuals spot the difference between Green Flags and Red Flags, and the “Green Flags” social media campaign.

“Through social media and other technological outlets, teenagers are bombarded by the pressures of society, and it is our responsibility to support them as they navigate the pitfalls and uncertainties of adolescence,” Governor Hochul said. “My administration is committed to developing resources for families, schools and communities to expand youth mental health education and behavioral guidance as we work toward ending teen dating violence once and for all.”

New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence Executive Director, Kelli Owens said, “Teenagers and young adults are one of the most vulnerable populations to dating violence, especially technology-facilitated abuse. OPDV is excited to launch our ‘Healthy Relationship Quiz’ to help individuals learn the difference between ‘Red’ and ‘Green’ flags in a relationship. We encourage individuals of all ages to take this quiz and learn more about teen dating violence. Thank you, Governor Hochul, for recognizing how prevalent teen dating violence is and for raising awareness across New York State.”

OPDV launches a Healthy Relationship Quiz – this quiz allows individuals to learn how to spot and navigate Red and Green Flags in an intimate relationship.

OPDV is partnering with former NFL quarterback Don McPherson and the Erie County government to bring Start the Conversation: Engaging Men & Boys and the idea of Aspirational Masculinity to the 2024 Teen Relationship Violence Awareness Youth Summit. This partnership will continue the work that OPDV and Don McPherson are doing to bring men and boys into the conversation of domestic and all gender-based violence.

In recognition of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence (OPDV) will hold a Modernizing Masculinity: How Men and Boys Can Break the Mold and Achieve Aspirational Masculinity discussion on February 28, 2024 in partnership with John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The event will feature discussions on modern-day masculinity and how society can dispel toxic masculinity and achieve aspirational masculinity to be better allies, partners, and individuals.

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