“Green invitation”: Republic Day 2022 cards had seeds embedded

New Delhi: The invitation card for Republic Day celebrations had seeds of medicinal plants embedded in them as part of the green initiative by the government. The specially designed cards were sent to all invitees. The invitation card had a little note at the bottom that read, “Sow this card to grow Aloe Vera plant.”

According to reports, the idea behind the cards was to encourage people to plant them in their gardens instead of throwing them away. The seeds are of medicinal plants including Ashwagandha – Indian ginseng, Aloe Vera, and Amla – Indian gooseberry.

Plantable cards are eco-friendly and reduce waste generation. After use, they can be cut open and placed in a pot. The seeds can then be watered and grown into a plant. The cards were given as part of a plantation drive on the occasion of 73rd Republic Day.

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