‘Growing Up Asian in America 2021’: Art Contest for K-12 Students

The year 2020 has been like no other. With the COVID-19 pandemic, communities have battled a difficult time of uncertainty, illness, loss, and inequity. An annual art contest now invites young artists to share their vision of the future and what tools and lessons they think will help to propel everyone into a new era post-pandemic.

Hosted by AACI, in partnership with NBC Bay Area, “Growing Up Asian in America” is an annual art contest, including video and essay, that reaches thousands of San Francisco Bay Area, Calif., students, grades Kindergarten to 12.

Founded 26 years ago, the contest encourages young Asian Americans to take pride in their identities, and helps others understand the varied experiences of youths growing up in the Bay Area’s diverse communities.

K-12 students in the counties of Santa Clara, San Francisco, Contra Costa, Marin, Sonoma, Solano, Napa, Alameda, or San Mateo are encouraged to submit artwork, essays, and videos relating to this year’s theme, which is ‘This is My Time.’

The deadline for submissions is April 2.

Artists can use the following questions to help spark ideas, but they do not have to answer any/all of these specific questions, said AACI.

 • (K-2 only) After all the events of 2020, what are your dreams for your family and community in 2021?

• What are some challenges you and/or your family faced in the last year? Did you have the resources to overcome the issues?

• What are your hopes for the future both for you and your family and for your community more broadly?

• How can we collectively heal and strengthen our community and society? What does solidarity look like for the future?

One winner will receive the $1,000 Lance Lew grand prize while 9 others will win $500 Best in Class prize. All winners will have their entries showcased on the AACI website and have a chance to be featured on NBC Bay Area.

For more information, visit aaci.org/guaa.

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