Gurudevshri Rakeshji honored in Los Angeles

Jain Gurudevshri Rakeshji was honored at the Srimad Rajchandra Love & Care (SLRC) Banquet Gala held at the beautiful BAPS Mandir’s auditorium in Los Angeles. Mumukshus from San Francisco, San Diego, Phoenix, New York, Texas & various community leaders gathered to be part of this SLRC event.  

Manubhai and Rikaben Shah were also recognized at this very well, volunteer organized Dinner Gala emceed by Dr Mansi Shah & Dr Chintan Mehta who highlighted SRLC activities and a short film was screened to show many activities conducted by various global centers.  

Community leader Mahesh Wadher welcomed the elite gathering while LA team leaders Dilip & Sushma Parekh and their team of young & old sevak volunteers ushered invitees, showed books & Raj Uphar product lines & inspired many to lend their helping hand for this noble cause. 

SRLC is an initiative of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission Dharampur to offer service and bring joy to the lives of the underserved sections of society. Inspired by Shrimad Rajchandraji and guided by Pujya Gurudevshri Rakeshji, SRLC’s holistic, multi-pronged community support and development programs are powered by genuine empathy, love, and care of highly motivated volunteers. SRLC constantly endeavors to deliver high-quality, charitable, and sustainable initiatives for the welfare of humanity, animals, and the environment. 

Shrimad Rajchandra Love and Care enjoys Special Consultative Status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council since 2020. 

Some highlights of SRLC activities include healthcare, animal care, hospital & mobile medical services in the villages, Gurukul & Skill Development Center, and recycle & reuse theme. Their initiative for women empowerment and producing Raj Uphar has also won the “Social Entrepreneurship With The Heart” award.  

Students of Los Angeles’ renowned dancer and choreographer Viji Prakash performed Guru Vandana. Their mesmerizing classical performance kept all attendees glued to their seats. 

Leading Democratic California Assemblywoman Sharon Kirk Silva arrived with Rajendra Vora, Founder & President of Jain Social Group Beverly Hills. The attendees were left speechless when they saw her in a lovely Indian outfit. Prior to the event the Assemblywoman also had one to one meeting with Gurudevshri. 

Assemblywoman Sharon Silva initiated the attendees to honor Gurudevshri with thunderous applause while Vora honored Gurudevshri on the behalf of the City of Beverly Hills & CA Assemblymember Richard Bloom. 

Dilip Parekh thanked everyone and reminded attendees to join two more days of Gurudevshri’s lectures at the Jain Center. 

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